Unnamed Jungle map

The Unnamed Jungle is a large jungle south-east of the map and was founded in 614 CT. The unnamed jungle was originally unnamed when it was first discovered, but then people started referring to it as the unnamed jungle and that ironically became it's name. This is where reemons originated before dragiris brought them to areas more northern. However, you can still find reemons in this jungle. Flikes took presence here at one time but then migrated to Underwood, and are mainly found there now. This jungle is not completely explored yet. Since the trees surrounding the border of this jungle being so close together you would not be able to fit a vehicle inside for shelter and this jungle is very large making it hard for it to be completely explored.


  • The picture on this page is smaller than the picture on the complete map of fightmon, because the picture here only shows the explored land of this jungle.