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Strab is a fire fightmon, that resembles kind of a crab. Strabs usually live in beach areas near oceans, they do not like to fight and their only attack is mainly defensive. Strabs are kind of unusual because although they can swim in the ocean, they are fire fightmon. Strabs may be able to swim but they usually don't. Strabs and Krabulous like to nest and live at Experiment Beach. Strabs may not like to fight, but they can be tough opponents if they have to. Strab's body is highly conductible, meaning that if there is a spark, strab's body could ignite in flames. Luckily for strabs, their bodies are immune to flame.


Strab was created March 2008.


These statistics are corespondent to both the game and in general.


Strab's health is 15.


Fire flare, strab snaps its claws causing its body to ignite its flames, making it impossible to attack close-range. (Damage=0 + shield)


  • Strab is the tenth fightmon.
  • Strab is the first fire fightmon.
  • Strab is the third fightmon to evolve.
  • Strab is the first series 2 fightmon.
  • Strab is the only fightmon to have the ability "Fire flare".
  • Strab is the only fightmon to have only one attack, in exception to Krabulous.
  • Strab is the only fire fightmon to be able to swim, besides its evolvation, Krabulous.

Name originsEdit

Real worldEdit

Strab's name was created because its body is shaped like a stone and it resembles a crab.

Note:Strab is not going to be in Fightmon the Game: Reemon, because this type of fightmon does not llive in areas near Darkfire, but it may be involved in another fightmon game.