Small war
Small War
The Small War is the basis date for the History of Fightmon, in addition adding much conflict to come.


1 CT


1 CT


Ancient tribes

The Small War was the first war of the civalisational revelution. This war took place in the Endless plains in 1 CT. This event started when an evil Riff attacked one of the ancient tribes, so they had to defend with good Rock-its and riffs. This "small war" lasted two days straight. Day and night the tribes fought against the evil riff. In the end the tribes won, but many had died. Luckily, only few rock-its and riffs got injured. This is why most of the tribes don't like to speak of riffs.


This event of fightmon history is actually called "The great attack", which is what the ancient tribes know it as, but some people call it the small war based on how most historians call it "Kind of a small war".

It is actually unknown exactly what date the Small war happened on, it is just known that it happened a while back, for the most part it is just considered 1 CT.