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Skelestorm is a fully skeletal dark/ghost fightmon. Skelestorms can control electricity and manipulate lightning to attack their victims or prey. Although no longer having any need to eat, they still seek out fightmon and sometimes humans to attack and attempt to consume. Skelestorms are feared by most because they're quite strong and powerful and lurk in the Dying Woods. The cartilage-like substance being skelstorms skull is unknown to any other fightmon. And they skelestorms do still have eyes, it just lies under the "cartilage" of their skulls.


It is known that Skelestorms were once prehistoric creatures known as "gargonites" that went extinct at about 500,000 AT. Something in their skeletons keeps their bones preserved forever. The whole species of gargonites went extinct in what became the Dying Woods and their bones stayed preserved there. And it is said that a strike of lightning hit a gargonite skeleton and awoke it somehow, then that one risen gargonite rose the others after finding it could control lightning. The undead gargonites were then called "skelestorms". Fightmonologists study skelestorms and find them to be of much wonder. Since science cannot exactly explain how skelestorms are again alive they are considered a mystery.


Skelestorm was created in October 2009.


These statistics are corespondent to the game and in general.


Skelestorm's health is 80.


Electro-shade, skelestorm pulls dark shadow-like fog into an orb shape and creates electricity inside and launches it at its enemies. (Damage=20)

Bite, skelestorm bites it's enemy. (Damage=10)

Lightning Strike, skelestorm wields it's control of lightning and attacks it's enemy. (Damage=30-50)

Rep Strike, skelestorm starts repetitively attacking you with its arms. (Damage=15-25)


  • Skelestorm is the sixteenth fightmon.
  • There are only 50 skelestorms in existence.
  • Skelestorm is the fourth Dark/Ghost fightmon.
  • Skelestorm is the only fightmon to use the ability Electro shade.
  • Skelestorm is the only fightmon to use the ability Lightning Strike.
  • Skelestorms can't die, but can only be weakened and knocked unconscious.

Name OriginsEdit

Skelestorms were name what they are as they are now undead and can control lightning. And since lightning is related to storms, they called this fightmon skelestorm.