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4 ft 5 in

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Game based on this character

Fightmon the Game: Reemon (canceled)

Reemon is the first fightmon. He is a plant type, similar to a Venus Flytrap, and has a lot of abilities. Reemons are very aggressive. Reemon never gives up on a fight, even if it knows that it will lose, nonetheless, they never give up. Reemon has no eyes, luckily, they are not needed because Reemon has developed the ability to sense his surroundings. Reemon constantly needs water so he has to keep his roots underground most of the time. He will, however, lift his roots out of the ground to walk, using his roots as legs of course. Each time a reemon dies, some of its roots may stilll be alive meaning that a new reemon might grow, this is how reemons repopulate. Reemons originated in the Unnamed Jungle, but then a dragiri brought them to areas near darkfire. Reemon was to be the main character in the canceled game Fightmon the Game: Reemon.


Reemon was created in early 2006 when the creator was 7 years old. Reemon was created on the same day as Pluff and Dragiri. Reemon was the first of many fightmon to come.


These statistics are corespondent to both the game and in general.


Reemon's health is 70.


Needle thorn Large thin thorns are fired from reemon's mouth, this ability can be used even if entrapped. (Damage=10)

De-root Reemon is able to turn his whole body into roots and travel through the ground, this is used to escape entrapment and to evade attacks. (Damage=5)

Bite Just a typical bite, which is powerful because of reemon's large teeth. (Damage= 15)


  • Reemon is the first Fightmon.
  • Reemon is the first Plant type Fightmon.
  • Reemon is the first Fightmon not to have eyes, the other is Nightwing.
  • Reemon is one of the few series 1 fightmon to have kept it's original name.
  • Reemon is the only fightmon to have the abilities "Needle Thorn" and "De-root".

Name originsEdit

Reemon's name is said to have been made by the the ancient tribes. It was originally known as "Red Demon" because it's mouth was red and it would attack the tribes, but when one person was logging all the Fightmon he, rather than putting red demon, put "Reemon".