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Original Ree bee drawing

Original Ree bee drawing.

This is the original drawing of Ree bee it was made in a "Dual masters" coloring book when the creator was 7. It was drawn in the same coloring book on the same day that Hartvile, Plantsy, and Ghost slicer were.

Extra infoEdit

Ree bee would be the first fightmon to evolve because, Firee bee was made before Blazer, but since Nightwing was created before ree bee, it is considered the first fightmon to evolve. But technically ree bee is the first to evolve. The idea of ree bee was created when the creator looked at a steering wheel in a car and saw the shape of ree bee's head and thought of the idea for this fightmon.

Note:The creator usualy gets an idea for a fightmon when he looks at something and sees, in his mind, a creature.