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Nightwing is a dark/ghost fightmon resembles a bat with a hand instead of a head. Nightwing is studied constantly by scientists, mainly because rather than having a head it has a "crest" shaped like a hand. Nightwing can not see, but like Reemon it doesn't need to, not because it developed the ability to sense things, but rather because they use echo location. Nightwings will sometimes gather in groups. Nightwings do not like to fight they only flee for the most part when another fightmon attempts to attack. Some nightwings are found in the dying woods.


Nightwing was created in October 2006.


These statistics are corespondent to both the game and in general.


Nightwing's health is 20.


Scratch, a typical scratch ability. (Damage=4)

Air ram, Nightwing will fly and ram into its enemy. (Damage=10)

Echo locate, Nightwing will use echo location on its opponent which causes vibrations that if close will stun fightmon, however nightwing does not really use this ability much at all. Nightwing will also use this ability to find where prey is. (Damage=10 + temporary stun)

These facts are the same in both Fightmon the Game: Reemon and Fightmon the Game:Nightwing.


  • Nightwing is the fourth fightmon.
  • Nightwing is the first fightmon to evolve.
  • Nightwing is the first dark/ghost fightmon.
  • Nightwing is the second fightmon not to have eyes, the other is reemon.
  • Nightwing is the only fightmon to have the ability "Air ram" besides its evolvation, Blazer.
  • Nightwing has arms that are attached to its wings, that blend in so most people don't see them.
  • Although nightwing's "head" is referred to as a crest, it isn't, it's actually highly pliable and consists of cartilage, it can grasp and hold on to things with it.

Name originsEdit

Nightwing was named by the ancient tribes, because it had wings and only flew at night.