120 lb


5 ft 3 in

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Krabulous is a fire fightmon that is the evolved form of Strab. Krabulous is a lot taller and bigger than his former evolvation strab, and also prefers to fight a lot more than strab did. Krabulous are tough opponents in battle and, similar to strab, can ignite themselves. Rather than igniting their whole body like strabs do, krabulous only ignite their claws, which creates a great attack. Krabulous use their anntenae to find enemies and search for underwater prey. Krabulous can swim and can go very deep into the waters, especially when they search for food. Krabulous usually live in beach areas, like Experiment Beach, which is where a lot of krabulous and strabs nest and live.


Krabulous was created on March 2008.


These statistics are corespondent to both the game and in general.


Krabulous's health is 50.


Projectiles, Krabulous ignites its claws and throws balls of fire at you. (Damage=5 per hit)


  • Krabulous is the eleventh fightmon.
  • Krabulous is the second fire fightmon.
  • Krabulous is the only fightmon to have the ability "Projectiles".
  • Krabulous is the only fire fightmon that can swim besides its previous form, strab.
  • Krabulous is the only fightmon, in exception to its evolvation, to have only one attack.

Name originsEdit

Krabulous name origins are unknown.

Krabulous is not going to be a character in Fightmon the Game: Reemon, because krabulous do not live in areas near Darkfire, but it may be involved in another fightmon game.