The Knights of Darkfire are the knights that defend Olde Darkfire Town and enforce the laws. They are currently under rule by King Nom Th-gif and follow his laws loyally. They say they do not believe in King Nom's laws, but feel its better to stay out of it. Some might agree with Nom's laws, but never say anything about it.


They all wear typical knight's armour, and their physical appearances vary.


Will always follow their leader no matter how bad his ideas and laws are. This is likely why they obey Nom.


In 110 CT a Dragiri nested in Olde Darkfire and the knights had to evacuate it, but the dragiri attacked and the knights had to use force to get it to leave.

In 1026 CT Nom takes rule of Olde Darkfire and orders the knights bring all fightmon in the area to Darkfire Prison, and they follow.