Ghost slicer
Ghost slicer
Ghost slicer


85 lb


5 1/2 in

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Ghost slicer is a very aggressive Dark/Ghost fightmon. Ghost slicer is a great fighter at both offence and defence. His best attack works great for both offence and defence. Ghost slicer is very heavy, mainly because of his hard armor. Many people don't like having ghost slicers for four reasons the first they can't walk fast, secondly you have to carry them because they can't walk fast, third they have sharp spikes making it hard for you to carry them, lastly At any time they might get angry and attack you with an almost fatal attack. Although ghost slicer's best attack can hit you from almost all around him, he does have a weakness, that weakness being an attack from above.


Ghost slicer was created on August 2007, on the same day that Ree bee, Hartvile, Plantsy were.


These statistics are corespondent to both the game and in general.


Ghost slicer's health is 80.


Blade burst, ghost slicer launches all his spikes in all directions, the six spikes on the sides are almost lethal. (Damage=20+ 30% chance of getting knocked out)


  • Ghost slicer is the 6th fightmon.
  • Ghost slicer is the 2nd dark/ghost fightmon.
  • Although ghost slicer is round, he can not roll.
  • Ghost slicer is the only fightmon to have the ability "Blade burst".


Ghost slicer's health (or hit points) is 80.

Ghost slicer's strongest attack does 20 damage and can knock you out, causing you to start over, weakest does 10, and normal does 15.

Name originsEdit

Ghost slicer's name origins are not known for sure, but it is thought that he was named this because he is a dark/ghost fightmon and because he has spikes that can slice things.