Firee bee
Firee bee
Firee bee


35 lb


1 ft 8 in

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Firee bee is the evolved form of Ree bee. When ree bee evolved into firee bee it's stinger grew, it's anntenae turned into horns, it's teeth became mandibles, and it grew and changed color. Firee bee is more aggressive then ree bee, and stronger too. Firee bee is also faster then ree bee and unlike some reebees, firee bees are never in groups. Although firee bee is both a fire and creature fightmon, it is usually considered creature because of its previous form ree bee being a creature, this is why firee bee is not really the first fire fightmon.


The idea of firee bee was created in August 2007 but the final image was created in 2011.


These statistics are corespondent to both the game and in general.


Firee bee's health is 80.


Bite, a typical bite attack, which is stronger than ree bee's version because of firee bee's mandibles. (Damage=10)

Scratch, a typical scratch attack. (Damage=12)

Sting, firee bee stings you which starts to burn and itch a lot and could be lethal if firee bee stings hard enough. (Damage=20 + 2 damage per two seconds)

Hornit, firee bee rams with his horns one horn at a time over and over. (Damage=5-20)

Fly by, firee bee will fly by at a fast speed stunning his opponent even longer than ree bee can. (Damage=5 + temporary stun)


  • Firee bee is the ninth fightmon.
  • Firee bee is the fifth creature fightmon.
  • Firee bee is, in a way, the first fire fightmon.
  • Firee bee is the first created evolved fightmon.
  • Firee bee is the only fightmon to have the attack "Hornit".
  • Firee bee is the only fightmon to be both fire and creature typed.
  • Firee bee is the only fightmon to have the ability "Sting" besides its evolvation ree bee.

Name originsEdit

Firee bee's name origins are said to be just like ree bee, but adding an f and i to make it sound like "fire ree bee".