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Feniixis is a bird-like fire fightmon. Feniixis are one of the most famous fightmon, especially in Darkfire Town. Back in 506 CT feniixis first migrated to Darkfire and became symbolic to the people there. The feniixis are commonly studied, as they are some of the few fightmon species that can breathe fire. Many consider them elegant and noble. Feniixis are also very well known based on the stories that the ancient tribes tell. The feniixis are really praised by the ancient tribes. Feniixis may be able to breathe fire but they only wield that ability when they have to. Not many feniixis are seen, it is both because of the fact that they tend to remain hidden, and that there's not many of them, but luckily they are at no risk of extinction.


Fennixis was created in June 27th 2009.


These statistics are corespondent to both the game and in general.


Feniixis' health is 80.


Scratch, a typical scratch ability, which is stronger than most others because of feniixis' large claws and powerful leg muscles. (Damage=20)

Bite, a weak bite attack, which is only used rarely. (Damage=3)

Burn, feniixis breathes fire and attempts to burn it's opponent. (Damage=30)


  • Feniixis is the third fire fightmon
  • Feniixis is the fourteenth fightmon
  • Feniixis is the first bird-like fightmon
  • Feniixis is so far the only fightmon to breathe fire

Name originsEdit

(real world) Feniixis was named by the creator to represent the phoenix.