Experiment Beach Map
Experiment Beach is one of the most popular beaches in all the world.There is a tree near the water here where strabs and krabulous commonly nest and repopulate, which is also great for providing shade. There is a hill area above the beach which is used as a small housing area where some people will live. Even near the houses on this hill there is no pavement or concrete, just soft grass which is what many people love about this area. On this hill people living here can jump right onto the beach because its just a small, fifteen foot drop, from there to the beach and the sands are so soft that the jump is easy and painless, and then people living on the hill can easily go outside and enjoy the beach. Some people will dig and find pieces of experimental weaponry and many other interesting things can be found too.


Experiment Beach was founded in 967 CT, and was called "Experiment Sands", and a lot of experimental items were tested here, because the beach had the perfect sand for testing explosions and other accidents caused by experiments. Then in 989 CT the name was changed to Experiment Beach and it was opened to the public, they then built a "shack" on this beach to test experiments.

Animal lifeEdit

Strabs, typically do not harm anyone, but will defend themselves.

Krabulous, Many will nest near the tree on this beach, these will harm people if they feel unsafe.

Many other forms of life are found here too, such as various fish and sea fightmon.