This article is about the physical process. You may have been looking for  team of scientists, Evo-lution.

Evolution is when creatures alter and change during large periods of time, this has happened to fightmon in A.T but eventually fightmon gained an ability called "rapid evolution" causing them to rapidly evolve over shorter amounts of time.


Known occurrences of evolution:

Note: It can be discovered that an old species of fightmon evolves way later than the fightmon was created.


Natural causes cause a fightmon to evolve, when it fights, practices, or gains any form of exercise, it's energy will will come in a fluid, known as "energy fluid" that will enter the bloodstream, energising fightmon, which twenty five percent of this fluid is saved in an organ near the E-chamber, known as the "fluid holder". When this energy fluid reaches a certain amount, it will all flow into the E-chamber, causing the fightmon to go through a lot of changes, known as evolution.

For more information on the evolutionary organs of fightmon, see Anatomy of fightmon.