This article is about Evo-lution, the group of scientists. You may have been looking for Evolution.


The Evo-lution team logo.

Evo-lution is a team of scientists and fightmonologists that run various studies and tests to find out history on fightmon evolution. Such as the study of both evolution and the newly adapted rapid evolution. They also test certain fightmon venoms, to interpret why they developed them and how.


Typically varies. Many will wear long white labcoats. All else is various.


Typically calm and steady, most are very patient as scientists should be. Although sometimes they can be bit too hasty.


They formed in 1031 CT and began running tests and studying fightmon. Everything was going fairly well, until 1050 when they were studying E-chamber and fluid holders of fightmon anatomy. One of their scientists put a vitamin acid known as Psynite 4+ rather than the energy fluid as he should have. Evo-lution was the group of scientists that started the fightmon experiment.