This fightmon was a fightmon released for the All Hallow's Event! Pumpkin



10 lbs


3 ft

Year Created



(dy-es-thee or dy-es-thigh)

Game based on this character

None currently

Dyesthy is a Dark/Ghost fightmon that lurks in barren areas. Dyesthy are considered both evil and sacred to The Ancient Tribes, as they would attack them and wound them greatly as a whole and were seemingly impossible to kill.


Dyesthies (the plural of Dyesthy) usually live in packs of four to sixteen dysethies. From birth they undergo vigorous training and fighting to prove dominance within their pack and oftenly gain many deep wounds. And they have strong regenerative abilities and can typically live with very bad wounds that would most typically kill or atleast hinder most normal fightmon. They also have a unique process of decay and deteriation while they are still alive, it is used to deteriate amounts of flesh to get rid of harmful bacteria and infected wounds and then due to it's regenerative capabilites it heals itself. Many that see a dyesthy after having fought and when it is resting assume it is a dead fightmon carcuss of some kind as they look almost dead when they fight and attack eachother as they fight almost to kill. They are also very agressive and tend to, in packs, attack random fightmon or people and cause major wounding. Dyesthy are also very hard to kill as they regenerate themselves and are healing as they are being attacked, this is why the Ancient Tribes thought they were invincible demons.


The idea of Dyesthy was initially created on October 5th 2013 specifically for the 2013 All Hallow's Event. The final image was created on October 14th and the remaining ideas were created on the 15th.


These statistics are corespondent to both the game and in general.


Dyesthy's health is 40


  • Bite - Dyesthy viciously bites it's oponent and attempts to tear off pieces of flesh. (Damage=15)
  • Gnaw - Dyesthy gnaws on it's oponent with it's sharp fangs. (Damage=30)
  • Regenerate - Dyesthy begins regeneration while fighting. (When active after each attack it heals 10% damage done by said attack)


  • Dyesthy is the 47h fightmon.
  • Dyesthy is the 18th Creature fightmon.
  • Dyesthy is the 9th Dark/Ghost fightmon.
  • Dyesthy is one of the few fightmon to be muliple types.
  • Dyesthy was created specifically for the 2013 All Hallow's Event.

Name OriginsEdit

(Real World)Edit

Dyesthy comes from the word "daiesthai", which the word demon is derived from.