545 lb


15 ft

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Dragiri is a creature fightmon that looks similar to a dinosaur with odd wings. Dragiri is the tallest fightmon, and also one of the strongest, in fact the only creature matchable to his strength might be the legendary Bliffe. Dragiris have existed for a very long time. Dragiris have very odd wings, it is said that dragiris let other fightmon grab on to the bone that is in the center of the wing so that they could transport other fightmon to different places, this is said to be how Reemons got to places close to darkfire. Most figure that with the center of dragiri's wings being open that it wouldn't be able to fly, but dragiri actually has skin on the wings that can stretch making it easier for him to fly. One time a Dragiri nested in Olde darkfire and knights had to evacuate it, but had trouble when the dragiri began to attack. It has been scientifically proven that there is something in a dragiri's bone marrow that enables it the ability to sense better areas for them to live in and survive at. This is why dragiri's seem to migrate a lot.


Dragiri was created in early 2006 on the same day that Reemon and Pluff were.


These statistics are corespondent to both the game and in general.


Dragiri's health is 90.


Bite, a normal bite attack, that can be lethal if dragiri tries to kill. (Damage=50)

Wind Whap, dragiri flaps his wings in an attempt to blow away the enemy. (Damage=10)

Trample, dragiri tramples over you. (Damage=60)

Stomp, dragiri stomps on the ground causing a small tremor. (Damage=10)


  • Dragiri is the third fightmon.
  • Dragiri is the tallest fightmon.
  • Dragiri is the second creature fightmon.
  • Dragiri is one of the strongest fightmon.
  • Dragiri is the second strongest fightmon, the first is corr.
  • Dragiri is the only fightmon to have the ability "Wind whap".
  • Although dragiri was created to represent a dragon, dragiri does not breathe fire.

Name originsEdit

Dragiri's name was made to be similar to the dragon.