Darkfire War
Darkfire War
This is an event that can destroy Darkfire, it also is an event in Fightmon the Game: Reemon


1026 CT


Still going on


Has not ended

The Darkfire War is an ongoing war between King Nom Th-gif and some townsfolk that are against his ways. This war is still going on today. This war is occurring in Olde Darkfire Town. This war is considered strange because Olde Darkfire is going against itself. This war started in 1026 CT when King Nom came into power, when Nom came to power he captured all fightmon and put them in Darkfire Prison, which caused townsfolk to retaliate saying that this was dumb and could end the town's food supply, and with them saying that Nom got angry and declared war. Nom also threatens the ancient tribes because they can find fightmon and set them free in the uncharted land that they live in. Thus, the ancient tribes might have to join this war against Nom. People think of revoking him, but there is a law in Olde Darkfire stating that a King can not be revoked if there is a war ongoing, but this law can be changed if the king is damaging the town, but mutated fightmon are staying near the castle, keeping everyone away from it.