Note: "Darkfire" refers to Darkfire town, Olde Darkfire town, Great lake, Darkfire Prison, and Suckerfish Campsite.

Darkfire town is called what it is because, the original founder/king loved Dark/Ghost and Fire fightmon. Darkfire town is one of the most popular towns. Like the ancient tribes, the people of Darkfire town love feniixis. Darkfire town is one of the few places that feniixis populate. Darkfire has a learning area that has a large library, six class rooms, and two rooms, incase someone needs to stay the night. This town has a highway leading to it with some restaurants motels and houses.


Olde Darkfire TownEdit

Olde Darkfire town, is the original Darkfire town founded near the beginning of the "civalisational revolution" also known as the beginning of CT. In the year 504 CT Darkfire town expanded leaving, the original land as Olde darkfire town. Olde darkfire has decided to stick to its old ways with castles, and dungeons. This town is completely covered in cobblestone floor. No vehicles are allowed in Olde darkfire, mainly because they do not have any driving areas and this would just crowd the land, so you always have to park any vehicle outside of this town. Olde darkfire has a lake surrounding it, this lake is called "The great lake".This town is currently ruled by Nom Th-gif.

Olde Darkfire Town is the main area for Fightmon the Game: Reemon.

Great lakeEdit

Olde Darkfire lake map

Brown= Ancient tribe territory Dark Blue=Suckerfish camp

The great lake, also known as darkfire lake, is the biggest lake known. It was founded at the same time as olde darkfire town. This lake has a small campsite on it that many people love to go to. Many think that King Nom Th-gif didn't destroy the campsite because it would cause a fight with the normal darkfire town, and Nom may not be able to handle that. There is a small amount of land that the ancient tribes live on. The chief of this tribe lives behind the waterfall, where there is a small cave.

Darkfire PrisonEdit


Darkfire prison, located in Olde Darkfire.

Darkfire Prison is near the castle in Olde Darkfire Town, and is currently where fightmon are being held captive by King Nom. It is a large prison with three different chambers.


Between 2 and 5 CT, Olde Darkfire was founded, but then later on in 504 CT the land expands and what was the town of Darkfire, became Olde Darkfire Town.

Animal lifeEdit

Feniixis, very noble trustworthy fightmon that breed here and populate this area.

Note:There are other fightmon that populate here, but most of them are typical to all places, so they are not written.

Name OriginsEdit

Darkfire was named what it is because the first founder loved both dark/ghost and fire fightmon.