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Corr is a fightmon with varied type, abilities and appearance. It picks a random Fightmon and takes its appearance, then picks one of its moves randomly and does it. However, you can only use it in the Corr Legion. Corr does have a base form, which is extremely resistant to heat, as it lives in the core of the planet. Corr's base form is almost never seen due to the fact that whenever a corr is at the surface, it typically almost immediately takes the shape of another fightmon. Corr sometimes will come up to the surface, but very rarely. Many believe that corr is only legend and doesn't exist, but others, such as the ancient tribes, do. One characteristic always remains the same no matter what form corr has taken, it always has blue eyes, which is how some are able to tell the difference between a typical fightmon and corr disguising as one.


Corr was created on November 17, 2012. Corr was created after Series 3 and before Series 4.


Picked randomly.


  • Corr gives you access to the Corr Legion.
  • Corr is the only fightmon to chang it's type.
  • Corr is the only fightmon to change it's abilities.
  • Corr is the only fightmon to change its appearance.
  • Corr is the only fightmon to be created between series'.
  • Corr can only be obtained by winning multiplayer battles.
  • Corr can only be used in the Corr Legion, and no other fightmon can be used in there.


Statistics vary

Name originsEdit

The Ancient Tribes believed that Corr was at the core of the universe. "Corr" is the spelling of the word core in the ancient language. Though Corr is only at the core of the planet and not the universe, the name Corr remained.