Anatomy of fightmon means the study of the fightmon body, it has been studied since ancient times and so forth has helped with medical research for both fightmon and people alike. Plant fightmon do not have any anatomy to be studied because of the fact that they only consist of roots that for the most part completely deteriorate and has no need to be studied. Most rock fightmon are rarely studied, but it has been discovered that when they die their bodies still exist as rocks, but only their organs and other features deteriorate on the inside.

Organic systemEdit


A Fightmon's organ system.

The organic system of fightmon is only partially studied, for the most part the only two organs that are studied are the "Fluid holder", and the "E-chamber". The Fluid holder is the small, round organ in the picture, it is the organ that part of the energy fluid gained goes to and when this organ is almost full of energy fluid it all flows into the E-chamber causing the fightmon to evolve. The E-chamber is the bigger organ close to the Fluid holder on the picture, it is the organ that all the energy fluid from the fluid holder will flow into causing the fightmon to evolve.

Note:Only fightmon that can evolve have these two organs.

Skeletal systemEdit


A Fightmon's skeletal system.

The skeletal system of fightmon is studied between various fightmon and it consists of the bones of a fightmon when a fightmon dies and it's body deteriorates and they leave their skeleton behind. The most commonly studied skeleton is the skeleton of a Ree bee because ree bee has a very normal and common skeleton. The skeleton varies it is noticed that Flikes have a rectangular rib-cage giving it's body it's rectangular shape.


  • Ree bee is the best fightmon to study because it has all the same organs as humans making them the main test subjects for medical research.
  • Ree bee's anntenae, wings, and venom bulb deteriorate after death, this is why it is not shown in the picture above.